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Игрушки из яиц
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Игрушки из шоколадных яиц's LiveJournal:

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
6:43 pm
а ни у кого нет машины из "Петрушки" с коллекцией Простоквашино? До полной коллекции полной только ее и не хватает :-(

куплю или обменяю...
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
12:29 am
I'm biginner kinder surprise collector from Estonia. I would like to find collectors from others countries and to exchange toys with you. My collection you can find here http://www.kinder-toy.nm.ru/
Friday, March 10th, 2006
7:33 pm
Есть на обмен вот это:

1) гном с букетом цветов (серия Mit den Blumentopf-Zwergen durch die Jahreszeiten)UPD:отдано.
2) Винни Пух с букетом цветов (Нестле)
3) Hercul Dino (который несет бревно)
4) Abby the Ugly Duckling (Нестле, Chicken Little)

Плюс из серии Нестле Нотр Дам де Пари: если кого заинтересует, то посмотрю поточнее что есть.

Все это обменяю на

1)пингвина Paul Perfect (серия Peppy Pingos'Party)
2)любых слоников, кроме того, кот на серфинге и с ракеткой (серия Elefantao Cluburlaub)
3)Нестле любые фигурки, кроме ослика ИА, совы и Пуха с цветами(серия Винни Пух)

Возможен вариант покупки слоников за приемлимую цену.
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
2:26 pm
Are necessary:
Happy Hippos im Fitness-Fieber 1990- Traeumer Tommi, Power Pit, Sauna Sepp, Happy Hippo, Babsy Baby, Susi Sonnenschein, Hippi Hippo, in glasses it is necessary to me!
Die Zunft der Zwerge 1992 -Steinmetz Meibel
Crazy Crocos 1993- Lisa Liebreiz, Benny Beule, Conny Crazy
Sonne, Mond und Sterne je-a star
Le simpatiche Ranolpa-1992- Gigi Spazzaneve, Nina Pattinina, Tommy Campione
Panda Party 1994 (Italien)-are necessary everything, except for: Lola Stilosa, Teo Tombola, Lorella Saltella and Jonny Twistino.
Pingui Beach 1994 (Italien)-Lella Babitella, Nuccio Grantuffo, Vita Tutapesca, Luisella Tintarella, Salvatore Animatore, Lino Sonnelino
Tom und Jerry 2003-necessary in everything, except for Jerry with cheese and Tom on surfing. Looney Tunes in Ancient Looney Tunes in Ancient Greece Italian 2004-necessary in everything, except for Lola, Bugs and Sylvester.
Die funny Fenten im Cluburlaub 1995- need in: with the tablet, with a sun-protection cream and with mouse.
Mission Maulwurf 10 Stueck 2004-need in: Samanta The Shadow with the gnome b.
Royaume de la Rigolade Frankreich 13 Stueck 2004-need in: the small knight in a dark blue armour and the girl with a board "Two bulls ".
Hanny Bunny‘s Lustige Ski Hasen 1996-need in: on the red skis, Fallen to red skis,
Costing on the green skis, doing a handstand on red skis, Darya-The host.
Fancy fuxies 1998-with the weight on a leg, In a hole, With a bird in a suitcase, With a magnifier, With " the Magic box ", In the green form, the Judge in black, with a roll.
Walls to moles – In the middle (Jackie and Samantha the Shadow)
Machines to moles-Are necessary everything, except for: a grey wheel with thorns, with two yellow shovels ahead (sitting is closed by a canopy) and with a labyrinth.
The Petrushka 2000/2001-with a brush and paints, with a film (film), In a jacket, With the camera, In a dress coat, the Sportsman.
Zweifel-Stuart Little-2, necessary in all figures!
Nestle-Pocahontas- Pocahontas, Kokoum, Thomas, John Smith, Wiggins, Meeko, Persi, Flit. Assembly is necessary everything, except for flowers and the carriage on which the gun is set up.
Nestle-The Aristocats -all series is necessary.
Nestle-The Hunchback of The Notre-Dame -Jekyll, Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Topsi Turvi Jack, Klopen. Chimeras: Hugo and Victor. Assembly is necessary all!
Nestle-Aladdin- necessary in all series!
Nestle-Hercules-all series, except for deities from a grass Is necessary.
Nestle-Disney-Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, Sebastian, Fabian, Ursula, King the Triton, Pumba, Simba, , Scar, Peter Pen, the Captain the Hook. All assembly to a series "Peter Pen".
Nestle-101 Dalmatian -Cruelly, Roger, Anita, Nanny, Horace, Pongo, Perdita.
Onken-Easter rabbits 1998-with the book, with a lamb, with ducks.

In exchange I can offer:
Full sets:
Crocodiles at school
Leo Venturas
Beach hippopotamuses
Party of Peppy Penguins
Separate figures:
Happy Hippos im Fitness-Fieber 1990 Doing a rack on hands
Gnomes workers 1992 C a board With iron
Die Dapsy Dinos 1995-With a fire and metal, With the tablet, With bricks, With a hammer, With a vehicle (with the carriage), Sleeping
Funny Fanten im Cluburlaub 1995 with beads
Le Simpatiche Ranolpa 1992 Everything, except for toys are specified above in "need."
Squalibaba 1995-1997 Shark-mum (Squali Mami), the Shark with a knife (Hal el Guardian)
Mission Maulwurf 10 Stueck 2004-Sally Baby, Gassy Racer, Eddy Chemist, Simon the Spy, the Doctor Mole Стеночки to moles - left (the Doctor the Mole and Simon the Spy)
Royaume de la Rigolade Frankreich 2004- Woman-soldier with a pink sword, Princess in dark blue.
Onken-Ducks-Ducks, laying on the stomach, all at it lies on the ground, nothing is raised.
Onken-Space Cars-4 Sitting Bull it is Onken-many figures from different series (unfortunately, I, sometimes, I do not know their exact names). You can ask me.
Calimero-1 Pig in a dress coat, the Mouse in an apron, Green duck
Bofrost- Lions the Lion sits
Bofrost- Hares the Hare sits, having spred wide paws in the different parties.
Bofrost- Dogs- Dog costs on all
Bofrost- Penguins- The Penguin costs. One paw ahead, and another - aside.
Bofrost- Spotrsmen-a foal-basketball player.
And also, it is a lot of BPZ and assembly (both new series, and the beginning, the middle and the end of 90-s').
Friday, September 9th, 2005
7:50 pm
Hello!This is-the first russian community,about collecting toys from Kinder-surprises and other chocolate eggs and meal.Here you can write down your toys for changing or trading and toys,in which you are need.We have not got any barriers,because,if you don't live in Russia,we can send toys to each other,by mail.You are welcome!
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